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Course 12 Tricky Data Protection Points


Data protection law is hitting the headlines as organisations and individuals struggle with complex rules regarding the protection and sharing of, and access to, personal data. This seminar examines topical issues in data protection law which will enable lawyers to advise businesses and individuals with more confidence.

1. When does people-related information count as personal data subject to the Act?

2. Drafting a Collection Notice: Basic Rules

3. What do we tell data subjects about the processing?

4. What personal information should be made public under the Freedom of Information Act?

5. What should I give the police when they ask?

6. Sharing confidential personal data without consent

7. Outsourcing: supervision of the contractor by a data controller

8. Overseas Transfers

9. Marketing: buying in customer lists; using email; when to screen against the preference services

10. Requests from individuals for access to sensitive or confidential information

11. Resolving a dispute about accuracy of an opinion

12. Fire fighting - dealing with the Commissioner when there is a complaint

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Chris PounderDetails


Very well delivered - I'm leaving the course feeling that I understand the issues around DP far more than I did when I arrived.





Fri 15 Sep 2017 Book
09:30 | London
Chris Pounder

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