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Course An Overview of Commercial Property for Non-Lawyers


This course is designed for property managers, investors, commercial surveyors, estates managers, and non-legally qualified staff. It will also be of interest to paralegals who intend to work in commercial property.

The course will give a jargon-free and understandable introduction to the key concepts and issues involved in buying, selling, leasing, or developing commercial property:

  • Jargon buster - what are the key words and phrases you need to know
  • Big Picture - the role of the various property professionals
  • Process of buying freehold property demystified
  • Basic Land law guide including

    • Easements

    • Rghts

    • Covenants - what are restrictive covenants?

    • Role of the Land Registry

  • Mortgages and Facility agreements

  • Property Development, Options, Site Promotion Agreements and Conditional Contracts

  • Overage - are you feeling lucky? The difficulties of making sure you get your overage

  • Ransom strips, rights of light, and other nightmares

  • Commercial Leases - key points to watch out for on leases including:

    • Repairing obligations

    • Restrictions in the lease on use, alterations and sales or underlettings

    • Service charges

    • What land is included in the lease?

    • Break clauses

    • Guarantors and rent deposits

  • Security of Tenure for commercial/business leases - rights to a new lease/when can the landlord refuse?

  • Stamp Duty Land Tax - why you have to treat it with as much care as your Income Tax or VAT return.

In addition to the course notes there will be a series of checklists, flowcharts and "main problem areas" sheets.

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Hannah MackinlayDetails


The course is a great introduction for someone starting out in this area to help avoid some common mistakes.

Annabella Pogorzelska - MOD

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