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Course Client Experience Management (CEM), Client Care and Retention


This course explores the links between Client Experience Management, client care, service delivery excellence, differentiation, relationship management and client retention. It explains how CEM fits into the overall marketing and business development process in firms serving both consumer and commercial markets. It considers the client journey from enquiry and onboarding through to billing and developing the relationship and referrals. It offers practical ideas and analysis tools to improve client and referrer retention and development. There is also insight into the business development soft skills needed by lawyers to optimise the client experience.


  • What is client care and service delivery management?
  • The growing importance of Client Experience Management (CEM)
  • Changes in the legal market - Beating commoditisation
  • The client relationship ladder - focusing on needs
  • 3 stage model: All touch points - Day to day relationships - Key client management

What do clients want? Understanding the client experience

  • All about perception (rational and emotional perspectives)
  • Understanding client needs (review of research findings)
  • The importance of empathy - walking in the client’s shoes
  • Obtaining feedback from clients (including NPS)
  • Developing client personas
  • Setting goals for improvement

Analysing the (digital) client journey

  • Practice groups exercise - Mapping the client journey
  • Client onboarding
  • Knowing ourselves and knowing our clients - adapting behaviour
  • Fostering client relationships - Adding value at every interaction
  • Billing and financial procedures
  • Working as a team

Good communication and expectations management

  • Developing rapport and trust – non-verbal communication
  • Sharing best practice and identifying barriers
  • Brand alignment and internal communications
  • Review of standards and procedures
  • Capturing stories and legends
  • Dealing with unhappy clients and dissatisfaction
  • Managing service failures

Improving telephone communications

  • Analysing current systems
  • Managing enquiries and achieving conversion
  • Guided conversations – including price communications
  • Follow up procedures

Using social media for establishing contact and developing relationships

  • Monitoring client service mentions
  • Requesting references and reviews
  • Maintaining contact and staying on the radar

Client meetings

  • Mind mapping exercise on best practice
  • Identifying needs (Questions and Active Listening)
  • Presenting options and benefits
  • Consultative and insight selling techniques

Establishing a major client or Key Account Management (KAM) programme

  • Switching from specialist lawyer to general relationship manager
  • Analysing and categorising largest/most important clients (and referrers)
  • The role of the relationship partner and others in the team
  • Sharing intelligence, supporting cross-selling and promoting recommendations and referrals
  • Overview of the KAM approach/systems

Summary and action planning

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