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Course Criminal Evidence: The Essential Guide for Police Station Advisers


This practical course will give both new and aspiring police station advisers a thorough grounding in the rules of criminal evidence. It will teach you to assess the weight of the evidence, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the case against your clients and advise them accordingly.

This is an essential course for those who want to understand the type and range of evidential issues they will need to consider at the police station. It may also be of interest to recently-qualified lawyers, lawyers returning to work after a career break and lawyers practising in other fields who want to acquire a basic understanding of criminal evidence.

By attending this course you will learn:

  • Basic criminal law principles including:

    • acts and intentions;
    • offences and defences;
    • the burdens of proof; and
    • the right to a fair trial

  • The rules governing admissibility and inadmissibility of evidence and the exceptions;
  • How to weigh up probative value and prejudice;
  • The rules surrounding the use of confessions, statements and inferences;
  • Bad character evidence – what it is and when it can be used;
  • Hearsay- what it is and when it can be used;
  • How the courts will approach the evidence of a co-accused/accomplice;
  • The rules surrounding identification evidence;
  • How evidence can be excluded - ss 76 and 78 PACE and PACE breaches.

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