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Course Drafting and Negotiating IP Licences


Exploitation of intellectual property rights is a lucrative commercial area in today's business world and this course is aimed at commercial practitioners involved in this area, covering the fundamental aspects and up-to-date case law and practice in granting intellectual property licences. The course will be of benefit as a refresher to experienced practitioners and will provide useful guidance to those relatively new to the discipline. It will examine real clauses and will cover:

  • Tips for negotiating and drafting IP Licences
  • Defining the grant of IP rights, in terms of exclusivity, duration, territory and sub-licences
  • The effect of EU and UK competition law on IP licences
  • Revenue collection under IP agreements - minimum guarantees, royalties and advances, generating royalty reports
  • Management controls in IP licences including approval rights, marketing obligations and auditing accounts

Attend this course and Drafting IT Agreements - The Essential Guide on the same day and RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY LUNCH

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