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Course Fitness for Work: Masterclass


This one day Masterclass, designed for HR professionals, employment lawyers, managers and team leaders, will consider the legal and procedural aspects of fitness for work.

Delegates will receive precedents and model documents to assist them in drafting their own policies and procedures or to update existing procedures.

Delegates will gain an understanding of how to manage the legal and practical aspects of dismissing employees for short term and long term or chronic sickness absence, employees with disabilities and for malingering. The Government’s new referral service for small and medium employers (Health, Wealth and Wellbeing initiative) aims to

• Improve the general health and wellbeing of the working age population; and

• Support more people with health conditions to stay in work or enter employment

Delegates will acquire the knowledge and tactics, the case law and procedures to advise clients how to deal effectively with the main categories sickness absence:

1. Persistent short term, intermittent absence (genuine)

2. Acute or chronic long term sickness (genuine)

3. The Fraudulent malingerer

4. The Lazy malingerer

5. Stress (genuine and the not genuine)

• How should an employer deal with absences certified as "work related stress" triggered by a disciplinary investigation, performance management procedure or grievance launched against the employee?

• Is it lawful to go behind a Statement of Fitness (a Fit Note) and challenge the absence?

• When can an employee legitimately seek an adjournment of a planned disciplinary, performance or grievance hearing if they are off sick?

• How should employers deal with employees with mental illness, at work?

• What does medical confidentiality mean and what does management have a right to know?

• What are the correct questions to ask an occupational health physician?

• How should an employer deal with alcoholism or drug abuse in the workplace?

• How should an employer deal with requests for delays in disciplinary or termination hearings on the grounds of stress?

These and other questions will be discussed during the day.

This Masterclass will also include the in-put of an Occupational health expert (Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine), crucial in dealing with issues of fitness for work.

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