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Course Highways Law for Property Lawyers: Avoiding the Pitfalls and Adding Value


Highways and associated issues are a minefield for the unwary whether you work for a local authority or advise clients in private practice.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the current law and practice in relation to highways and is relevant to lawyers and others working in highways and transportation functions in local authorities. It will also be useful for those advising clients on highways issues whether in connection with preparation for or actual development of sites or in connect with purchases with a view to development.

The course will provide practical guidance on and an overview of:

  • Definitions of highways, streets, and other rights
  • Creation of highways: formal - section 38 and other powers under the Highways Act 1980, and informal - dedication and acceptance
  • Cases on the extent of the highways
  • Fences - duties to fence and liability for failure to fence; the Animals Act
  • Culverts and drains
  • Hedges
  • Trees
  • Bridges - outline of types and liabilities
  • Repairing duties - extent of repairs expected, outline of liability for disrepair, powers to carry out repairs or other works on roads and adjoining land
  • Termination and relocation of footpaths and highways
  • Obstructions to highways, protection of footpaths

A basic knowledge of general property law is assumed.

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Hannah MackinlayDetails


Excellent course - Very informative.

Martin Wilks - First Title



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