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Course Joint Ventures: Creating the Framework for a Successful Relationship


JV agreements deal with long term arrangements between two or more parties working together; a better way to describe them might be “relationship agreements”. Roles and responsibilities under a JV deal can be multiple and complex, with parties taking on roles which might include landlord/tenant, supplier/customer and licensor/licensee. This means that a JV is unlike any other agreement that commercial parties normally create.

This brand new course is presented by an in-house lawyer with significant experience of negotiating, drafting and working with JV agreements. It will unravel some of the complexities of the relationship and investigate the different ways by which the inherent issues can be dealt with or, at least, provided for within the JV agreement.

In particular, it will look at:

  • JV structures – incorporated, contractual
  • Financing and contributions

    • Cash
    • Assets
    • Work/services
    • Budgets

  • The balance of power between the parties

    • 50-50
    • Unequal shares
    • Blocking votes and negative power
    • Super majorities
    • Misuse of financial power

  • Management structures

    • Management board
    • Supervisory board

  • Deadlock and dispute resolution

    • Deadlock
    • Disputes

  • Term and termination

    • Detailed provisions?
    • Unscrambling the eggs
    • Practicalities
    • Buy-out
    • Sell-off
    • Winding up
    • Drag and tag rights
    • Party insolvency

  • The effects of breach

    • Claims
    • Damages
    • Forfeiture
    • Termination with prejudice
    • “Divorce”

  • Liability

    • JV liability
    • Party liability

  • Collateral arrangements between individual parties and the JV

    • Land and buildings
    • Services sold in
    • Materials sold in
    • Products/services sold out

  • IP issues – donation of IP; creation of IP

    • IP licensing to JV

      • Costs
      • Liabilities

    • IP created during JV operations

      • Joint or single ownership
      • Costs
      • Liabilities

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Wed 23 May 2018 Book
09:30 | London
Christopher Parr

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