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Course Motor Claims Liability Update (6 hours)


Essential insights into the most far reaching reforms of motor insurance and Road Traffic Act liability for nearly a century, presented by award winning solicitor and leading motor insurance expert Dr Nicholas Bevan.

This course has been put back to March 2018 to await Ouseley J’s long anticipated judgment in RoadPeace v Secretary of State for Transport. The presenter has been closely involved throughout in what is probably the most extensive judicial review of national law provision in recent times.

Part 1: Motor insurance in upheaval

  • Overview of the UK statutory and extra-statutory provision
  • Nutshell summary of the EU law the UK law is supposed to implement
  • How far can you go with consistent construction of statutory and policy terms
  • Different routes to redress for failure to implement EU law
  • The RoadPeace judgment on the UK’s systemic infringement of EU law and its implications for insurers and practitioners
  • How the MIB’s compensatory role has been curtailed by both UK and ECJ rulings
  • How the scope of third party cover has been expanded by both UK and ECJ rulings
  • Why parts of the Consumer Insurance Act 2012 and Insurance Act 2015 conflict with EU law
  • How s152 (2) Road Traffic Act 1988 was rendered obsolete
  • Why the Untraced Drivers Agreement 2017 was substituted within three days of coming into force
  • Hit and run drivers sued by description in ordinary actions
  • Legacy claims under the old unreformed MIB Agreements
  • The DfT consultation on Vnuk and further delays in implementation
  • The European Commission’s plans to reform the Motor Insurance Directive
  • Will Brexit turn the tables? Implications for legal certainty and redress


Part 2: Driverless vehicles and automated technology:

  • Developments in automated vehicle systems in the UK
  • Update on Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill 2017
  • Limits to strict liability for products


Part 3: Motor liability update

  • Fraud
  • Contributory negligence
  • Miscellaneous liability decisions
  • Criminality defences and their limitations
  • QOWCS in MIB claims
  • The role of foreign claims representatives
  • Insolvent foreign insurers
  • Credit hire update

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