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Course Ofcom: What Does it Do?


This course is designed to explain what powers Ofcom has and how practically it carries out its regulatory duties. The course explores how Ofcom becomes aware of actions taken that trigger a response. How it relies on public complaints, broadcasts and news reports for it to decide whether to take action

It will also examine in what circumstances to register a complaint and how to complain to Ofcom. It explains the remedies and how Ofcom is a form of tribunal that can be used in addition to court proceedings.

Attendance will benefit those who advise individuals and companies on all forms of communication in legal practice and will deal with the following:

• Ofcom as communication regulator and its Powers

• Fairness complaints, recent cases and the Rules of Ofcom

• The privacy principle, the defence, types of behaviour and topics to be avoided in media productions, cases

• Protecting under 18’s

• Commercial references in productions, what not to do

• Data Protection and Ofcom highlighting the importance of privacy

• Ofcom Procedures, complaints, research, what ofcom is not responsible for, and giving the general value of media activity

• Penalties, section 237 of Communications Act 2003, dealing with Ofcom’s ways of penalizing companies and individuals and the way it exercises its jurisdiction, illustrated by recent cases

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Wed 24 May 2017 Book
14:00 | London
Richard Pugh

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