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Course Preparing for Success in Financial Remedies; 12 Week Countdown to Trial


Prepare for success in the critical 12 weeks before final hearing. Ensure the best possible outcome for the client by keeping on top of the practical steps and making the most of opportunities to put the case persuasively. Learn how to maximise the effect of the solicitor’s written advocacy when drafting pre-trial documents, counsel’s skills in preparing the position statement and skeleton argument for trial and the opportunity for oral advocacy at the trial.


12 - The s25 statement; preparation, purpose and structure, working within any ordered limits, what to exhibit if anything and what to do with it.

11 - Analysis of other side’s s25 statement.

10 - Updating any single joint expert evidence already supplied.

9 - Updating financial disclosure, housing particulars, mortgage capacity.

8 - Liaising with Counsel – where are you going with this case?

7 - Preparing for conference with counsel and the trial bundle.

6 - Conference with counsel. Managing client expectations, format of trial, outcomes.

5 - Preparing final asset schedules, open proposals and last attempts at settlement.

4 - Applicant makes their open position known, H1 costs form filed.

3 - Final bundles, what to include and what to leave out, costs schedules for summary assessment, respondent files their open position. Both counsel file their pre-trial documents before the hearing.

2 - Further negotiations - will they be fruitful? Narrowing the issues for trial.

1 - Last – what’s left if anything, housekeeping issues, supporting client.

0 - The trial.

Suitable for all family practitioners with a financial remedy practice.

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Wed 24 May 2017 Book
09:30 | London
Elissa Da Costa Waldman
Mena Ruparel

Tue 20 Jun 2017 Book
09:30 | Birmingham
Elissa Da Costa Waldman
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