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Course Terminating Commercial Leases: When, How and What Obligations?


In times of economic uncertainty in the property market, tenants and landlords will review the leases they have and will want to understand thoroughly how and when a lease may end, the rights and obligations that arise and the prerequisites for early termination. Being able to advise your clients, both landlords and tenants, “on relevant options, strategies and solutions” in a practical and commercial manner – is essential not only for client retention, but also to enable you to comply with the new continuing competence regime.

This interactive, half day course looks at recent case law and reviews:

  • Problems with exercising break clauses: Levett-Dunn v NHS; M&S v BNP Paribas
  • What to do when the tenant hands back the keys: lessons from Punj v Padwick; Artworld v Safaryan
  • Empty business rates: Schroeder Exempt Property v Birmingham CC
  • Section 27 of the 1954 Act – a boon for tenants – and getting it right
  • ‘Holding over’ – the tenants win: Erimus v Barclays Wealth
  • Obligations at the end of the lease: Dilapidations, the Energy Act – and alterations clauses: South Essex v Laindon
  • Forfeiture: Why relief seems inevitable – even 14 months later: Pineport v Grangeglen; Freifield Court; Magnic v Ul Hassan

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