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Course Writing Clear Client Alerts, Briefings, Updates and Newsletters


Clients are frequently not lawyers, and they have a very different way of looking at written materials. In today’s world where the internet and social media have changed the rules on written communication, it is important to be able to design alerts, briefings, updates and newsletters that put the reader first. This new course shows you how to engage with clients immediately through what you write. The course will show you some new writing ideas that will help you to grab the reader’s attention, signpost the important part of the message for the client and sharpen up your language and message structure. What better result than to be able to design and write communications that clients actually read and understand. If you regularly write to clients in the form of alerts, briefings, updates and newsletters then this course is an essential start point.

What you will learn on this course:

  • What clients want, and what they have time to read
  • Working with the reader’s perspective
  • Social media – writing for effect
  • The ‘first and last rule’
  • Repetition - why we should use it
  • The ‘Magic of Three’
  • Designing headlines which tell a story
  • Designing subheads that will inform the reader
  • Front loading to get the reader’s attention
  • Using pictures/charts/graphs and tables so that they support the written content
  • The ‘Pyramid Principle’
  • Writing headlines that hold the reader’s interest, summaries and subheadings
  • Content and language checking

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Wed 07 Jun 2017 Book
14:00 | Manchester
Helen Boardman

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