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Company Law Update 2017

This full-day course will provide you with an up-to-date review of law and regulation as it affects companies and directors in the UK, based on recent changes in statute law and regulation as well as new cases. It will also examine selected areas of existing law of continuing significance to practitioners and others. Topics may relate to private and public or listed companies, or both, as well as to partnerships and other organisations in the commercial world.

Whether you are a legal practitioner or non-legal professional, an overseas lawyer starting work in England or Wales, or an individual returning from a career break, this course puts you in touch with a range of issues in company law and regulation of current significance, and provides the opportunity to revise and update your knowledge in some key areas.

The course will cover topics and issues arising under the Companies Act 2006, and other legislation affecting companies and directors, including the Small Business, Enterprise & Employment Act 2015, the Insolvency Act 1986 and the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986, associated regulation and case law, and important developments in corporate governance.

Specific topic areas will vary depending on circumstances at the time when the course is presented, but will include:

  • New types of corporate structure (including the new Private Fund LPs)
  • Directors’ duties: recent case law
  • Registration of information at Companies House (particularly the changes to the PSC Register regime on 26 June 2017)
  • Reporting issues for larger companies (including Payment Practices and Performance (new for October 2017), Gender Pay Gap (April 2018) and the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (new guidance))
  • The Market Abuse Regulation, including the insider dealing and other offences under it and the rules it lays down for market dealings by directors and other senior managers of listed and AIM companies
  • Corporate crimes (including offences under the Bribery Act 2010 and Deferred Prosecution Agreements, health and safety, corporate manslaughter and the new corporate crime of failing to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion)
  • Corporate governance of listed and AIM companies (changes proposed to the Code of Corporate Governance, changes proposed to the AIM Rules, the Financial Reporting Council’s Culture Project, gender and ethnic diversity recommendations)
  • Insolvency, administration and director disqualification: including the new compensation orders
  • New Government initiatives to reform corporate governance of both listed and unlisted companies, including hot off the press implementation timetable and how to engage the stakeholder voice in board decision-making
  • Other recent developments in law, regulation and practice
  • Future likely developments (for example, pursuant to the Prospectus Regulation and the Shareholder Rights Directive)


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