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Conveyancing Update 2018

Every residential property lawyer must keep fully up-to-date with developments in law and practice.

Carefully developed over the years to be ideal for this purpose, the conveyancing update course is specifically designed to meet the needs of the busy practitioner. It is delivered in an engaging and effective way and cuts through the academic niceties by making things relevant for the busy practitioner. In each case the key legal development and (where relevant) recent case law is set out and the points for practice and drafting are carefully considered.

[Please note this content is subject to change from time to time, in order to ensure that the most important recent developments are included.]

Topics to be covered may include:

Section 1: Hot topics

  1. Rent charges: Will they make a comeback and are they more dangerous than you thought?
  2. Consumer protection regulations and conveyancing
  3. Identity checks and conveyancing: Where are we now?
  4. Invasive species
  5. Lenders requirements for leasehold properties

Section 2: Title and transactional

  1. Solicitor’s Duty to Report
  2. Neighbour’s claim to part of garden: Inspection of boundaries
  3. Restrictive covenants: Enforcement, variation or release
  4. Update on easements: New classes of easement, new means of creation and proving abandonment
  5. Incorrect replies to enquiries – Damages
  6. Severing a Joint Tenancy: recent developments
  7. Overage: Reasonable endeavours
  8. Mortgages: Misrepresentation and forgery
  9. SDLT: Current issues

Section 3: Leasehold and newbuild

  1. Service charges: Time limits, certification and reasonableness
  2. Enfranchisement: Valuation considerations
  3. Demise: Extent
  4. Exclusive possession; lease or licence?
  5. Impact and validity of Section 106 restrictions on parking
  6. Can you always rely on a Professional Consultant’s Certificate?
  7. The amended Consumer Code for Homebuilders

Section 4: Practice issues

  1. Mental capacity, duress and undue influence in conveyancing
  2. Insurance Distribution Directive: Impact on newbuild warranties and indemnity insurance
  3. Miscellaneous practice points



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