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Law Firm Leadership Programme


The programme consists of five sessions which will address, in depth, all the key issues facing law firms both now and in the future. Each of the sessions will cover three topics crucial to the roles of law firm leaders.

Programme objectives

  • To assist partners senior managers in law firms develop their expertise
  • Help to develop advanced management techniques to retain competitive advantage
  • Increase commercial awareness
  • Promote clear vision about the future
Session 1: Strategic issues for leaders

  • Where are we now and where are we going? Review of current state of legal market; the impact of the Legal Services Act, other forces driving change in the profession
  • Strategy: options for strategy in the legal sector - growth or retrenchment? Ways of deciding your strategy, how to successfully implement strategy
  • Barriers to implementing strategy: the difficulties of realising new policies/strategy in a law firm, changing behaviour, changing the leader's approach
Session two: Finance and Leadership

  • Financial issues: overcoming the barriers to better realisation and utilisation, the changing attitude of banks and how to obtain credit in the current environment, changing attitudes through new financial policies, squeezing and cost base
  • Leadership capabilities and development: looking at the specific challenges of leadership in law firms, the traits of successful law firm leaders, the key challenges of leadership, the special difficulty of leading in difficult times, building tough empathy
  • Team development: coaching, developing, supporting and motivating people, stimulating creativity and innovation
Session three: Business Development for Leaders

  • The changing face of legal marketing: creating great client relationship management programmes, the better use of IT in marketing, how good are your partners at selling
  • Branding: what makes your firm really distinctive? - An integrated examination of culture, technical expertise, client relationships, market strategy
  • Getting closer to your clients: understanding what clients want, how do you know what they want? Are you prepared to offer them what they want? Do you want new clients?
Session four - IT and Internal management

  • The future of IT in the legal sector: how the use of IT in law firms will develop, what investment will be required, can you keep up?
  • How is your culture? Building better morale in tough times, lessons from the best performing firms, learning from staff surveys
  • Dealing with under performance: the challenges of dealing with under performance is a partnership, motivating your partners and staff, confronting under-performers
Session five: The Future of the Legal Market - responses, quality and regulation

  • What's happening in the merger market? What are the trends in consolidation of the legal market? How to decide on merger policy, what makes a good merger, handling merger negotiations
  • Regulation and quality: how increased regulation will affect all law firms, what is the benefit of quality standards?
  • New structures/policies: advantages/disadvantages of alternative business structures, changing remuneration structures, how to build "buy-in"
  • Conclusions and action plans: what are you actually going to do now and how are you going to do it?


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