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Institute of Paralegals

Supporting paralegals nationally and internationally

The government recognised Institute of Paralegals (IoP) is the only Institute for paralegals in the UK.

The IoP is a rapidly growing professional body and it is frequently consulted by government and regulators on matters involving paralegals.

We encourage all legal practitioners without a professional home to join the IoP as it is committed to supporting individual paralegals and protecting and promoting the paralegal profession.

Individual members get numerous benefits:

  • Enhanced career prospects
  • Increased credibility
  • A career structure
  • £300 worth of online training annually
  • Legal updater service and monthly newsletter
  • Affilate membership of the New York City Paralegal Association

Membership starts from less than £5.00 per month

There are advantages for employers too:

  • Risk reduction through increased paralegal professionalism
  • Enhanced professional qualifications allows higher charge-out rates
  • Aids creation of a standardised core skills set in your work force
  • Helps attract, retain and motivate fee-earners
  • Guidance on paralegal professional development
  • Qualified support teams bolsters your reputation with clients

Membership grades

Membership of the IoP provides professional recognition of expertise with a designation and a multitude of membership benefits.

Members can join at the following levels:

  • Affiliate member
  • Associate Paralegal (A.Inst.Pa)
  • Qualified Paralegal (Q.Inst.Pa)
  • Fellow of the IoP (F.Inst.Pa.)

For more information visit or call +44 (0)20 3034 1487 or email

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David Holland, CEO, Institute of Paralegals

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