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Debt Recovery


Learning Outcomes Red      Book Red

As a debt recovery paralegal this course is designed to equip you with the knowledge not only of how to litigate a debt but also how to understand how debts arise, and give you an introduction to credit management which in effect should prevent unnecessary debts landing on your desk for recovery. 

We are all looking to recover as much cash as possible from customers or debtors (however you wish to term people who owe money) as early as possible in the debt recovery process and at the lowest possible cost.  Even if you work in a legal office, which makes its fees from a busy debt recovery practice, the client will not want to incur unnecessary expense in issuing court claims when a simple letter or telephone call would have had the same result.

Through increased knowledge and strategic thinking we can control how we handle each debt that comes to us for collection, litigation and enforcement and use our processes to increase collections and ultimately cash that we return to our client. 

The approach on this course will be to develop a strategy from the collection of a debt through to the enforcement of any resulting judgment which maximises the chance of recovery, and stops expensive and unnecessary litigation.  This means that whatever the circumstances of the debtor and whatever type of debtor you are pursuing you will have a plan as to how to collect, litigate and enforce the judgment and use your plan to underline to the debtor the consequences of non-payment. 

Core Units

  1. Issues in debt recovery 
  2. Starting a claim for an unpaid debt 
  3. Understanding how to deal with the debtor’s response of fast track to judgement 
  4. Preparing for trial 
  5. Enforcing judgement 
  6. Using insolvency procedures as an alternative to claim 


What our clients say...

The staff who have undertaken/are undertaking the course are all part of the Dwr Cymru Customers Services Specialist recoveries team. They Investigate accounts to assess suitability for claims, initiate the claims process and deal with any correspondence from customers or the courts.  They will then attend court where necessary. The team deal with accounts from pre claim through to enforcement. 

The Collections Manager, team manager and the team of 8 are/have completing/completed the course. The majority of the team are new to the litigation process, so this has been invaluable to build their knowledge of the court procedures and process

This was completed in their own time and they could work and complete the course to suit their lifestyles.

Sarah Crofts, Training Manager, DWR Cymru Customer Services


This programme was a great opportunity to further my knowledge and also my career, whilst having the flexibility to study at convenient times for me. The tutor’s feedback on assignments was key to being able to pass the final exam.  I would highly recommend the programme, as it gave me the opportunity to be a fee-earner with my own files and clients.

Sharon Hessleton, Legal Executive, BP Collins LLP


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