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Our practical qualification provides a specialist training programme in Family Law and Practice with regular updates to ensure our students and graduates are well-equipped to deliver legal services with up to date and highly skilled knowledge.

The aim of this course is to provide a detailed examination of the procedural steps within private Family Law matters and also provide a better understanding of why these steps are taken, with detailed coverage of the modern law of divorce, financial provision, children, domestic violence, civil partnership, the unmarried family and property disputes.

Core Units

  1. The First Interview, Funding and Welfare Benefits
  2. The Modern Law of Divorce
  3. Divorce: Procedure
  4. Financial Provision
  5. Financial Provision: Procedure
  6. Children
  7. Children: Procedure
  8. Domestic Violence: The Law
  9. Domestic Violence: Procedure and Enforcement
  10. Civil Partnership, The Unmarried Family and Property Disputes


What our clients say...

I found the course practical and useful; qualifying helped make sense of my day to day workload. The manual has a very practical basis and is clear and concise to follow - it is an excellent resource which I still refer to regularly.

Lisa Badger, Paralegal, Eric Robinson Solicitors


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