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Licensing Law


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Every Local Authority licensing team, every in-house legal department and every private firm of solicitors will benefit from having qualified professional licensing practitioners.This Course provides the necessary technical and practical tools to help you achieve excellence for your practice in a specialised area of law, which will benefit you, your team and ultimately your clients. 

Our new training programme is the highest level of specialist training in Licensing Law available in the UK.

The programme is designed to approach this complex area in a technical, logical and practical manner. 

Topics include:

  • Background & context to the Licensing Act 2003 
  • Major implications & new roles for decision making for Local Authorities, Licensing Officers, Legal advisers, Councillors
  • Statutory Guidance, Local Licensing Policy & Cumulative Impact Zones
  • Licensable Activities - more than just selling alcohol
  • Licensing Objectives and the Operating Schedule
  • Personal Licence & the Designated Premises Supervisor
  • Premises Licence
  • Club Certificates
  • Common applications
  • Determinations by Officers, Committee / sub-committee / the Council and the Hearing
  • Temporary Events
  • Challenges/Objections, Reviews (including Summary Reviews)
  • Licensing Conditions and the implications of the Mandatory Conditions Order 2014
  • Appeals against determinations covered by Schedule 5 of the 2003 Act
  • Criminal Offences under the 2003 Act
  • Early Morning alcohol Restriction Orders (“EMRO’s”) and the Late Night Levy
  • Current & “newsy" matters for the 2003 Act in England & Wales
  • Background to the Gambling Act 2005
  • Respective roles of the Gambling Commission and that of Local Authorities
  • Current Guidance, Local Licensing Statement/Policy, Codes of Practice
  • Licensing Objectives
  • Casinos - are we now the new Las Vegas?
  • The respective roles of the Local Authority Licensing Committee, it's Members, the Licensing Officer and that of the legal adviser
  • Premises Licence - with an arguably permissive role for Local Authorities
  • Temporary Use Notices -Part 9 of the 2005 Gambling Act
  • Family Entertainment Centres
  • Gaming Machines and the link with the Licensing Act 2003
  • Lotteries
  • Offences under the Gambling Act 2005
  • Current and "newsy" matters for the 2005 Act in England & Wales


What our clients say...

I really enjoyed doing the Paralegal qualification.  The course notes were clear and concise, the assignments were well structured and the feedback from the tutor was given in a very positive way.  The staff at CLT were always friendly and helpful. Esther Stacey, Paralegal, Risdon Hosegood Solicitors

The comprehensive materials provided were clearly laid out and easy to follow.  The flexibility regarding both study and where the exam is taken meant I could fit it in around a full-time job.  As a result of my qualification I now feel that I make a valid contribution to the legal department where I work because of my increased understanding of the Law.  And, on top of everything else, I found the course genuinely interesting. Gillian Marshall, Legal Secretary, Moonray Services (UK) Limited
I thoroughly enjoyed my distance learning studying experience with CLT! I must say I was also very proud of the results I achieved and my graduation ceremony is a day I will never forget.  Amanda Parent, Legal Assistant, Southern Co-operative

Becoming a qualified licensing paralegal was very much a springboard for my career. The Qualification enabled me to secure a position with a local authority, then a specialist firm of solicitors; from there I then decided to pursue a full law degree. The academic experience of taking the course certainly helped me with the law degree as well as the work experience I was able to gain through the position it helped me secure. I am now a qualified solicitor specialising in the field of licensing. Stephen McGowan, Director of Licensing, TLT Solicitors



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