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Company & Commercial

webinar "A Person Occupying the Position of Director by Whatever Name Called" - On-Demand Webinar

course 12 Tricky Data Protection Points - updated for GDPR

course A Piece of the Pie: An Introduction to Employee Share Schemes

course Advanced Employee Share Schemes

course All About Share Capital

course An Introduction to Corporate Secretarial Practice Part 1: Legal and Compliance Aspects

course An Introduction to Data Protection and its Practical Application

course Best Practice for IT and Outsourcing Contracts

course Bitcoin and Blockchain: The Lawyer's Essential Guide

course Certificate in Company Law Practice

course Certificate in Competition Law

course Certificate in Corporation Tax

course Certificate in Insolvency Law

course Certificate in Insurance Law

course Company Law Update 2018

course Competition Law Update: Developments and Trends

course Consumer Law Update 2018

webinar Contract Breach and Termination Clauses - On-Demand Webinar

course Contract Law Update 2018

course Copyright Law: An Introduction

course Copyright Law: Infringement and Other Tricky Issues

conference Corporate Governance Conference 2018: Getting it right in a time of change

course Corporate Governance in 2018: A Year of Change

course Crowdfunding: Regulation and Legal Issues

course Damages for Breach of Contract

webinar Data Protection: A Guide to Consent under GDPR Webinar (On-Demand)

course Data Protection: Get Ready for the GDPR

course Directors: How to Run a Company and the Consequences of Getting it Wrong

course Drafting Around Tricky Commercial Contract Problems 2018

course Drafting Commercial Contracts (6 Hours)

course Drafting Commercial Lasting Powers of Attorney

webinar Drafting Exclusion Clauses: dramatic changes after recent decisions Webinar (On-Demand)

course Essential Toolkit for In-house Counsel

webinar Execution of Documents: A Refresher - On-Demand Webinar

course FCA Compliance: An Introduction

course Franchising, Distribution and Agency Agreements

conference Intellectual Property Law Conference 2018

course Intellectual Property: Licensing and Exploiting IP

webinar International Sanctions and Export Controls: What You Need to Know Webinar (On-Demand)

course Introduction to Corporate Finance

course Introduction to Public Procurement

course IP and IT Law Update

course Limiting Liability: Indemnities, Warranties and Guarantees that Work

webinar MOU and LOI: An Update Webinar (On-Demand)

course Negotiating Tax Warranties and Tax Covenants in M&A Transactions

course Negotiation of a Share Purchase Agreement

course Overview of Digital and Social Media Law

course Persons of Significant Control (PSC) Registers: A Practical Guide

course Proceeds of Crime: The Criminal Finances Act 2017

course Professional Privilege and Without Prejudice Privilege: A Practical Guide

conference Renewables Law Conference 2018

webinar Risk Free Dealing With Third Parties and Sub-Contractors - On-Demand Webinar

course Social Media: Intellectual Property, Advertising and Consumer Rights

course Solving TUPE Problems in 2017

course Solving TUPE Problems in 2018

webinar The Annual General Meeting and Other Shareholder Meetings Webinar (On-Demand)

course The FCA and Consumer Credit: An Introduction

webinar The Independence of Auditors; The Audit Report Webinar (On-Demand)

course The London Stock Exchange Markets: Key Features, Comparisons and Recent Trends

webinar The New Insolvency Rules: One Year On Webinar (Pre-Order)

course The Role and Duties of the Charity Trustee

webinar The Takeover Panel Webinar (On-Demand)

course Understanding and Interpreting Company Accounts

webinar Whistleblowing - On-Demand Webinar

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