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Local Government

webinar Enforcing Property Orders in Family Cases - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Know your rules - The key to effective Advocacy Webinar (On-Demand)

webinar No Witness Prosecutions Webinar (On-Demand)

webinar Policing and Crime Act 2017 Webinar (On-Demand)

webinar Victimless Prosecutions Webinar (On-Demand)


webinar Charity Fundraising and the Maintenance of Reserves: Some Legal Aspects - On-Demand Webinar


course Copyright

course Data Protection: Get Ready for the GDPR

course Franchising, Distribution and Agency Agreements

course Ofcom: What Does it Do?

course Public Procurement: Preparing for Brexit

course Public Procurement: Selection and Tender Evaluation

Commercial Property

course Acting for Developers Buying Land

course Advanced Leases: Avoiding the Elephant Traps

webinar Adverse Possession: Where Are we Now? - On-Demand Webinar

course Agreements for Lease: The Basics

course Agreements for Lease: The Next Step

course An Introduction to Agricultural Law and Tenancies: Being Prepared!

webinar Assets of Community Value Webinar (On-Demand)

webinar Breaks... Post BREXIT! - On-Demand Webinar

course Certificate in Commercial Leases

course Commercial Leases for Local Authorities: Differences and Pitfalls

course Commercial Property Update 2017

webinar Commercial Property: News Alert 2017 Webinar (On-Demand)

webinar Contract Law Refresher for Property Lawyers Part 1 - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Contract Law Refresher for Property Lawyers Part 2 - On-Demand Webinar

course Conveyancing Issues in Wales

course Development Land: Overage and Clawback

course Dilapidations: What you need to know

webinar Disrepair, Alterations and Consent in a modern commercial lease (On-Demand Webinar)

webinar Escaping the Rental Commitment in a modern commercial lease (On-Demand Webinar)

webinar Essential AGAs Update - Where are we Now? - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Expiry and Turnaround in a modern commercial lease (On-Demand Webinar)

webinar Fixtures, Reinstatement and Dilapidations - Putting it All Together - On-Demand Webinar

course Forfeiture of Leases: The Ultimate Persuader?

course Highways Law for Property Lawyers: Avoiding the Pitfalls and Adding Value

webinar Injunctions in Commercial Property - When Damages Are Not the Right Answer - On-Demand Webinar

course Investment Property Sales and Purchases (3 hours)

webinar Landlord & Tenant Act 1954, Part II - Module 1 - The Foundations of the Act - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Landlord & Tenant Act 1954, Part II - Module 3 - Lease Renewals in Court - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Landlord & Tenant Act 1954, Part II - Module 4 - Occupation Outside the Act - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Landlord & Tenant Act 1954, Part II - Module 5 - Interim Rent - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Landlord & Tenant Act 1954, Part II - Module 6 - Terms Within the New Lease - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Landlord & Tenant Act 1954, Part II - Module 7 - Opposition to new Tenancy - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Landlord & Tenant Act 1954, Part II -Module 2- Which Notice to Serve & When? - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Landlord and Tenant: News Alert! 2017- Webinar (On-Demand)

course Lease Management Documents: Getting the Basics Right

webinar Mines and Minerals - Issues for Transactional Property Lawyers - On-Demand Webinar

course Mixed Use and Residential Tenants' Rights

webinar Negotiating Alienation Clauses - In an Hour - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Negotiating Alterations and Repairs Clauses... In an Hour - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Negotiating Insurance Clauses... In an Hour - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Negotiating Rent Review Provisions... In an Hour - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Negotiating Service Charge Clauses... In an Hour - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Negotiation of a modern commercial lease: getting the foundations right (On-Demand Webinar)

webinar PACT: cutting the court out of lease renewal

course Property Development is Back! Conditional Contracts, Land Promotion Agreements and the Rest!

course Property Development: Tips Traps and Techniques

webinar Ready for Sale? Streamlining Commercial Property Transactions Webinar (On-Demand)

course Rent Review: Procedures and Practical Issues

course Reports on Title in Commercial Property: Ten Traps for the Unwary

course Retail Leases: What You Need to Know

course Sales and Purchases of Part: Freeholds and Leaseholds (3 hours)

course SDLT for Commercial Property Lawyers (including Commercial Leases)

webinar Squatters - An Overview - On-Demand Webinar

webinar The City of London Law Society Certificate of Title – A Whistle-stop Tour! - On-Demand Webinar

webinar The Five Essentials for Workable Break Options - On-Demand Webinar

webinar The Institutional Lease in 2017 - On-Demand Webinar

webinar The Telecommunications Code - Where are we Now? - On-Demand Webinar

course Unregistered Conveyancing: A Necessary Competence For Property Lawyers


webinar "A Person Occupying the Position of Director by Whatever Name Called" - On-Demand Webinar

course Advanced Employee Share Schemes

course An Introduction to the Governance of Charities

course Company Law Update 2017

course Essential Elements of Private Company Acquisition

course Introduction to Due Diligence and Disclosure

webinar Introduction to Partnership Law Webinar (Pre-order)

course Market Abuse Regulation: New Rules on Insider Dealing and Disclosure of Inside Information

course Negotiation of a Share Purchase Agreement

course PSC Registers and Other Corporate Aspects of the Small Business Enterprise and Employment Act 2015

webinar The Bribery Act 2010 and Deferred Prosecution Agreements - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Whistleblowing - On-Demand Webinar


course Magistrates' Court Trial Advocacy

course Sentencing Young People in Criminal Proceedings

Dispute Resolution

course Getting to the Money: Proactive Debt Recovery in 2017

course Interviewing Witnesses: How to Unlock Their Memories

webinar Preparing for Mediation - On-demand Webinar


webinar Challenging School Exclusions - On-Demand Webinar

webinar School Admissions Appeals - What to do? - On-Demand Webinar


course Discrimination: Practice and Procedure

webinar Know Your Employment Time Limits! - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Mind the Gap! Gender Pay Regulations - Webinar (On-Demand)

webinar Modern Slavery Act 2015 - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Trade Unions - The Employer's Perspective Webinar (Pre-Order)

webinar 'Uberoo' - Where Are we Now? - On-Demand Webinar


course Children Law Accreditation: Approved 3 Day Course

course Children Law International Aspects; Hot Topics and Discernible Trends

webinar Conducting Children Cases Before the District Judge - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Conducting Financial Cases Before the District Judge - On-Demand Webinar

course Domestic Abuse; Injunctions, Harassment and Enforcement

webinar Guide to the New Children Arbitration Scheme - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Latest Guidance; Psychologists as Expert Witnesses in the Family Courts - On-Demand Webinar

course Pensions on Divorce; A Foundation for Family Lawyers

course Pensions on Divorce; The Next Level for Family Lawyers

course Public Child Law Update

webinar Special Guardianship 2016 Update - On-Demand Webinar

Management & Skills

course Managing and Motivating People


course An Overview of Planning Law for Planners and Property Professionals

course Certificate in Environmental Law

course Certificate in Planning

webinar Doing s106 Agreements in Today's Market - On-Demand Webinar

course Environmental Warranties and Indemnities: Managing the Risks!

webinar Planning Law Update - Summer 2016 - On-Demand Webinar

Private Client

course Adult Safeguarding: A Practical Guide and Update

Residential Property

course An Introduction to Document Drafting in Residential Conveyancing

course An Introduction to Enfranchisement and Lease Extension

course Certificate in Housing Law

webinar CML Handbook Update - On-Demand Webinar

webinar CON 29 - Here at Last! - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Conduct Issues in Conveyancing - On-Demand Webinar

course Conveyancing Searches and Enquiries: The What and the Why!

course Conveyancing: Exchange and Completion; The Mechanics

course Dealing With Residential Property Problems

webinar Declarations of Trust and Restrictions Webinar (On-Demand)

webinar Finding Out About Developments After Exchange! Recent Cases - On-Demand Webinar

webinar First Time Buyers - First Time Problems Webinar (On-Demand)

webinar Flood Re - Open For Business - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Flood Risk for Property Clients - What and How to Advise - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Land Registry Changes - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Mortgage Credit Directive - How it Affects Your Practice! - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Mortgage Fraud 2016 Update - On-Demand Webinar

webinar New Build Nightmares! Webinar (Pre-Order)

webinar New Year - Old Moves! More Conveyancing Fraud Issues to Consider! Webinar (On-Demand)

webinar Property Fraud - On-Demand Webinar

webinar Residential Conveyancing and Basements Webinar (On-Demand)

course Residential Conveyancing Solicitors: How Competent Are You?

course Residential Landlord and Tenant Law: An Update

course Residential Leases

course Residential Mortgages: Issues to Consider

course SDLT Walkthrough and Workshop for Residential Property Lawyers

course Selling Residential Property for Small Developments

course Shared Ownership and Help to Buy: Acting for the Purchaser

course Standard Conditions of Sale: A Review and Reminder!

webinar Taking Instructions in Conveyancing - On-Demand Webinar

Welfare Benefits

webinar Welfare Benefits Update - On-Demand Webinar

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