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Webinar Litigator's Guide to the Technology and Construction Court 2017 Webinar (On-Demand)


This webinar will address the special role of the TCC in the civil justice system, including the types of claims that should be begun there at both High Court and County Court level and the division of work between the two. It will cover the particular demands of the Construction & Engineering Disputes Pre-action Protocol as amended in November 2016, the TCC approach to costs budgets, CMCs and PTRs, as well as pleadings, disclosure and procedure at trial. The procedures involved in adjudication enforcement proceedings will be given specific attention.

Find out:

  • What work does the TCC deal with?
  • How does the TCC deal with that work?
  • What are the potential pitfalls in the TCC for the unwary?
What you will learn:
  • Where is the TCC and how is it run: High Court & County Court: Inside & Outside London – Judge in Charge
  • Where are the rules: CPR Part 60 - TCC Guide – Amended Construction & Engineering Disputes Pre-action Protocol
  • What is the work: Contractors’ claims – Employers’ claims – Construction professional negligence – Fires - Pollution – Procurement – Adjudication – Arbitration and more
  • How do you begin a claim: The Protocol – Procedure – Meeting – Failure to comply – Limitation – Role of Referee
  • What is the effect of paying the wrong issue fee
  • Where do you issue a claim?
  • Special procedure for adjudication enforcement: TCC Guide
  • Case management
  • Costs budgets
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Interim applications
  • Statements of case
  • Expert Evidence:
  • Disclosure: TeCSA / SCL / TECBAR eDISCLOSURE PROTOCOL - How to deal with problems -
  • PTR:
  • Trials
  • Judgments: Costs
  • Arbitration appeals:
  • Appeals from TCC judgments
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