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Webinar Managing Difficult People - On-demand Webinar


This webinar will give you a good understanding of what constitutes a 'difficult person' and techniques you can use when dealing with difficult people. The webinar will cover:

Behaviours associated with difficult people

  • What we see, hear and feel that defines difficult people
  • Introducing, with examples, the concept that perception is driven by observed behaviour
  • Management tools that can be used in internal difficult situations, eg: job descriptions, standards and measures of performance, appraisals, grievance and disciplinary procedures
Communicating in Difficult Situations
  • How your message goes across; the visual, vocal and verbal elements
  • Special considerations for the telephone
  • Using questions to avoid and diffuse difficult situations with examples
  • Selecting the most appropriate behaviours to use.
  • Introducing a 4 stage listening process and how to use it.
Assertiveness as a style of communication
  • Definition of assertiveness, aggressiveness and passiveness
  • The different types of assertiveness and how to use them, with examples
  • Recognising signals and using them to diffuse situations
  • Using effective behaviours that create rapport and get solutions

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