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Webinar The Dos and Don'ts of Seeking Third Party Litigation Funding - On-Demand Webinar


Litigation funding is a relatively new entrant on the English legal scene. Only in the last 10 years have the legal and regulatory status of third party litigation funding become relatively settled, and it is now established as a valuable access to justice tool for claimants who lack either the resources or the appetite to litigate without financial support. Anyone with an interest in litigation is now required to understand litigation funding, including the dos and don’ts of how to approach litigation funders.

This webinar is aimed at litigators, law firm managers, in-house counsel and insolvency practitioners. Presented by solicitor and litigation funder Steven Friel, it explains what you need to know before approaching a litigation funder, and how to maximise your prospects of successfully obtaining litigation funding.

  • Who are the litigation funders? How do I know which funders to trust?
  • What funding do they provide, and on what terms?
  • What do funders look for in cases?
  • What information should I provide to a potential funder? Should I hold anything back?
  • How long will the process take?
  • What are the key legal issues?
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