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Webinar The Role and Responsibilities of the Charity Trustee - On-Demand Webinar


The powers granted to the Charity Commission in the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 in relation to the removal, suspension and disqualification of trustees has thrown new focus on the role of the charity trustee and the responsibilities cast upon trustees in that role.

Charities may take various different constitutional forms, including the “trust”, the “company” and the “CIO”. Each may impose separate sets of legal obligation on those who lead them, supplemented by laws affecting particular sectors in which charities may operate.

Charity trustees, often with no previous experience in such a role or in the running of an organisation, may be helped by making themselves aware of the various good practice codes which may apply to them and in particular to the guidance published by the Charity Commission – but there is a potentially daunting amount for them to assimilate. The role of the charity trustee, particularly in an organisation of any size, may be extensive and the responsibilities demanding.

This webinar considers:

  • the legal rules concerning eligibility to become a charity trustee, and the levels of care and skill required of trustees
  • the legal duties of trustees, and differences which may arise from the form in which the trust is constituted
  • the role of the Charity Commission, Charity Commission guidance on trustee responsibilities, and codes which may be relevant to trustee behaviour
  • the trustees’ core duty to fulfil the charity’s purposes for the public benefit, their fiduciary duties and duties of loyalty
  • further duties of accountability, reporting, the protection of charity property, risk management and succession planning
  • the new rules in the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 relating to social investment and fund-raising
The webinar will be of interest and benefit to all those advising charities and their trustees, to trustees themselves, as well as to chief executives, and other professionals working within charities.

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