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Webinar Which Law Applies? - On-Demand Webinar


With increasing frequency, international parties are litigating in English courts, just as our own companies and their management are being pursued abroad. With the globalisation of trade and the ease of travel choice of law has assumed an enhanced significance. Knowing your way around the two Rome Regulations and English common law in this area has become vital knowledge for legal advisers in the UK to have.

This webinar is essential viewing for lawyers drafting contracts and advising in connection with disputes.

It explains:

  • How parties can avoid disputes about choice of law by agreeing a choice of law clause;
  • How presumptions under the two Rome Regulations may be rebutted and cases in which such arguments have succeeded;
  • The tests used to determine the applicable law to the following legal relationships:
  • Contracts between EU parties
  • Contracts between one EU and one non-EU party
  • Multi-party contracts
  • Special types of contract
  • Tort claims
  • Other legal relationships or claims such as in restitution
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